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Cooking at Home

Where it all began

As a small child I took a great interest in watching as my grandad made his famous recipe chestnut & sausagmeat stuffing  which the whole family try to recreate every xmas.

 Nan loved baking & we would pick berries & make jams & then scones to go with it .  

Mum started doing local Craft fairs & markets & id go with her to sell homemade fudge & sweets  & that is where it all started really.

I suppose you could say that it was in the blood.

My 1st venture in the late 90s was a street food stall with my own vegetarian dishes & this was very popular.

I realise Then that cooking was my passion & creating dishes & baking & decorating celebration cakes is what made me happy & the rest  as theysayis history.

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